Make Moisturizing Body Custard

My hands are always dry, and regular lotion just doesn't cut it. I made a thick "custard" which includes beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil for a natural skin-soothing treat. Here's how. You'll need: An immersion/stick blender or something similar A double boiler A sink or large container Measuring spoons Ingredients This recipe combines a … Continue reading Make Moisturizing Body Custard


Build an Affordable, Sturdy Platform Bed (with Tons of Storage)

A few years ago, I needed a new bed frame after a divorce and a move. I was tired of spending money on bed frames with rails and slats that didn't seem to last, and didn't want to drop a ton of cash on something either. I built one with the help of my boyfriend, … Continue reading Build an Affordable, Sturdy Platform Bed (with Tons of Storage)

Create a Rustic Fireplace Surround (Affordably and Easily)

When we looked at this house to purchase a bit over a year ago, we liked the large, open living room, but knew we'd want to do something to enhance the large wall with the fireplace and lonely floating sconces. We just weren't sure what. The fireplace was pretty lost looking and the sconces looked … Continue reading Create a Rustic Fireplace Surround (Affordably and Easily)

Take Hanging Plants up a Notch

I really like having plants in the house but I don't have many cute containers. When we brought in plants for winter, I made twine hangers for them to hang over the back glass doors. It made me want hangers for my kitchen spider plants as well. I had my spider plants in greenhouse pots with … Continue reading Take Hanging Plants up a Notch


Hi there. Thanks for checking out my blog. Here you'll find posts mostly related to me making stuff: ceramics, jewelry, drawing, sewing, dollhouse minis, home DIY, and organization. I have a full time day job as a web editor/coordinator, so everything you'll see here is in my spare time. My ceramics: I have a BA with … Continue reading Welcome